August 21, 2015

The Best Vlogging Camera

The Best Vlogging Camera

Vlogging is becoming the new black, so to speak. People have been blogging since the beginning of the internet but since YouTube came on the scene providing an easy to use platform for the everyday user, more and more would be blogger have turned to vlogging instead. Some have even chosen to do both blogging and vlogging and have added their vlog posts to their blogs for further exposure.

Video allows for so much more flexibility than writing. Many users would prefer to watch a video than to read a blog post and video lets your personality shine through more because people can actually see you, your facial expressions, and can hear the expressiveness in your voice when speaking. Moreover, if your not that great of a writer, vlogging allows you a chance to put you ideas out to the world without need to be a great wordsmith.

Whether you’re a blogger or vlogger, it’s important to produce high quality content. No one wants to come to your blog or youtube channel and watch a grainy low quality video with poor sound quality. Fortunately, technology has caught up with the everyday persons wallet and over the years pricing for high quality cameras has come down and the video quality has continued to increase. There are a number of cameras out there to choose from and I would like to share with you my favorites.

Canon Powershot ELPH 110 HS

This is an older camera but it has great quality, is regularly referred to as a great option and you can find a refurbished or slightly used one for cheap if you’re looking for a deal. It has a 24mm wide-angle lens, making it much easier to capture more in a video shoot. It also can shoot in 1920×1080 HD at 24 frames per second (fps). The camera sports a 16.1 MP senor and a Digic 5 Processor. It also has Intelligent Image Stabilization, which is an important feature to keep the dreaded camera shake from showing up in your videos.

It comes with a standard auto shoot mode but also a program mode to give you a bit more control. This camera also has a dedicated record button on the back so you don’t have to fumble through a touch screen or various menu options in order to start recording video. There is also a macro shoot function button, which allows you to really get close and focus in on smaller objects. There is an HDMI output port that you can use to monitor what you are recording live if you want to preview your video while you shoot. Through the menu you can adjust the exposure and ISO to give you more control in less than ideal lighting situations. Since it is so small you can keep this camera with you in your pocket for on the fly shooting.

Sony CyberShot RX 100

This camera has a pop out screen, making it easy to preview what you are shooting. The last thing you want to do is shoot a vlog only to realize afterward that you are not in the shot or that the shot is out of focus. This camera provides DSLR like quality without the size and weight or cost of a true DSLR.

Canon EOS 70D

If you are looking for a true DSLR and all the flexibility this type of camera offers, the Canon EOS 70D is a perfect option. This camera is great if you not only want a pop out screen but also want to enhance your audio quality by attaching an external microphone. This camera will give you quality and flexibility at a price most people can afford.

GoPro Hero4 Black

If you’re thinking about shooting video in 4K and want a camera capable of shooting in 4K the GoPro Hero4 Black has you covered. It’s a tough camera that can handle being on the go and is especially good for vloggers who shoot outdoors and in more rugged conditions.

This camera has an upgraded microphone for great audio quality directly from the camera. It also has great time-lapse and wideangle modes for creating that perfect look and feel for your video. If you have any interest in shooting underwater, the GoPro Hero4 Black has you covered there too. It has an underwater casing that allows you to shoot amazing footage in the water without destroying your investment.

Logitech HD Pro Webcam c920

This is a great go to camera that is very inexpensive but shoots great quality video. This is definitely a basic camera but it makes the shooting and editing process very easy. Since it is a webcam you can shoot you video and save it directly into your computer for easy import into your editing software. This is great for saving time because if you shoot on an SD card, those large files can take a while to fully load onto your computer, adding extra time to the editing process.

iPhone 6

The iPhone 6 has a great built in camera for shooting video and the best thing about it is many of you already own this camera. It’s also great because using a cellphone camera means you will likely always have it with you for those unexpected moments when an opportunity to shoot a video come up.

As you looking through these options and consider which camera is best for your vlog, think about the type of video you will likely shoot. Will you be sitting and talking or moving around a lot. If you’re moving around or shooting objects that are moving around than the frames per second matter more than if there is little motion in your videos.

Also, consider whether this will be an entry level camera that you will keep for a short while and then upgrade soon or if you are looking for a workhorse that will also grow with your vlog and still be relevant in a few years as new available camera features come out. You also need to consider if audio quality is important and if you will need an external microphone to get the level of audio your audience will expect. All these factors, including your budget of course, will help determine which camera will work best for your vlog. Happy camera shopping and for more information about the top vlogging cameras, you might like to head over to this useful vlogging cameras subreddit.

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